Corporate One Pager Creations

Avive: The ask was to portray visually the idea of the problems and confusion related to filling multiple medications at different pharmacies. Introducing AVIVE as a one all option for filling multiple medication in one swoop. The medications can all be filled at the same time, same place, and packaged in a way that makes up keeping a regime and simplifying its travel to a much more simplistic interaction for the patient. CR - Defeat: The ask was to create a 4 step clear concise instructional illustration for inserting a CR deactivation button should a patient at walmart choose to have no Child resistance to their package. This button Clip after insertion allows the blister to move freely within the Pack. Summarizing this information in a layout that combines regulatory information as well as instructions in a clean one page layout by walmart and MWV branding. Providing the essential standards for ready fill pharmacy patient handouts.

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